Fred Vella Crash premises

In 1960, Fred Vella started his crash repair business in a factory on South Road, Richmond.


After 3 years, he decided to expand so he bought bigger premises at 989 South Road, Melrose Park.


He was then able to teach quite a few apprentices to become tradespeople, some of whom eventually went on to open their own businesses.


One of those apprentices was Kristian Smart. In 1989, Kristian became an apprentice panel beater at Fred Vella Crash Repairs. Today, with more than 25 years of experience under his belt, Kristian manages the office and keeps the wheels turning smoothly.


Fred has been a member of MTA for over 50 years as well as a recommended repairer for all major insurance companies.


Our team love the challenge of returning your valued vehicle back to its original condition. It is what we have spent our careers training for. Please contact us if you’d like a free quote.